Nantucket Island Join the whaling tradition, 30 miles at sea off of Cape Cod is known as the "Old Gray lady of the Sea", an early whaling settlement, now a world famous getaway.  It is a mixture of great restaurants, beaches, boutiques, and water sports framed by architecture that has withstood time.   Buildings from early settlement 1564 through the revolutionary war, into the whaling days are renovated and lived in today.  The original cobbled main street bustles with visitors from around the world.  Whaling captains' mansions to fisherman's shacks stand proudly along the streets.  The island is a mere 12 miles by 4 miles with Nantucket in the center, Madaket at the west end and Siasconset at the east end.   

Our craftsman cottage rental " Tuckaway",  in ' Sconset (See pictures and description)

The Harbor 

                     Harbor Cam Site

                              From the roof tops                                                                                      Steam Ship at  Straight Wharf 


                           Brant Point                                                                                                               Wharf Commerce



Historical Nantucket   Nantucket Historical Association Site

              Main Street Cam      

    Unitarian Church              Lower Main Street (note cobble stones)                                       Upper Main Street                                  Homestead House


             Captain's Houses                                    3 Bricks                                                  Pacific Bank                              Oldest House (in town)


Great Point (8 miles out to Sea, reachable by off-road vehicle and boat)


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