Sea Ranch Meadows and Beaches     

There is an accessible,  rocky beach just off to the right as you begin the trail.  The trail to the right (heading north takes you across an open meadow, and then by some deep coves with Cypress trees.  The first cove is a nesting place for an Osprey family; you may catch it home. If you continue on this trail, you will arrive at Shell Beach and then through some Cypress trees to Seal Beach, and finally Walk-On Beach.  The ocean trail is complete from south to north, interrupted only by small detours around some of the homes.

The best beaches to look up from south to north are: Black Point Beach (near the lodge and accessible from the Moonraker Rec. area), Pebble Beach Unit 17, Pirate's Cove Unit 30, Shell Beach Unit 24, Seal Beach and Walk-On Beach Unit 18.   Tide pools are found at the end of Highland Reach.  The River beach and large redwood grove is accessible from River Rd on far side of airport (yes Sea Ranch does have a private airport - Obtain directions before landing).

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Black Point Beach

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Meadow above Black Point

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Breakaway Garden

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Breakaway Rhododendron

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Breakaway Rhododendron

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Sunset at Seal Beach

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Seal Beach

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Cypress tree over Walk On Beach

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Ocean out front of Breakaway

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Seals on the rock at Seal Beach

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Meadow Lupine

xsurf3.jpg (2936 bytes)
Pebble Beach with Shark Rock


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